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Safety comes first - Supporting schools in need

PLEASE NOTE: Glass is dangerous and must not be handled by children

Glass for kids is a charity initiative promoting the use of safety glass in schools initiated by McCoy’s Glass.

McCoy’s Glass is the largest independent manufacturer of laminated safety glass in Southern Africa.

The law requires that all glass in public buildings, including schools is safety glass.

The Glass Industry generates thousands of tons of off-cuts of waste laminated safety glass. Some of this is re processed by crushing to remove the glass, but the plastic in-between the glass goes into landfill. At McCoy’s it is our environmental responsibility to reduce waste.

In an attempt to find a solution we have decided to cut these off-cuts into window panes which can be used to replace broken windows in schools in developing areas.

Our aim is to grow the initiative and ultimately replace all glass in Schools class rooms with safety glass.

Our McLam Safety glass panes will only be cut out of off-cuts. (i.e waste)

Glass will be provided to schools in need free of charge.

Schools will be responsible to install the glass. There is only one condition and that is that the school must promote and encourage the use of local labour by training one unemployed person to Glaze and thereby creating jobs.

The glass will be given when available on a first come first serve / waiting list basis.

All applications will be verified and reviewed and are at the discretion of McCoy’s glass.



Mclam Safety Glass in school classrooms

Mclam Safety glass , in addition to safety provides  security, sound control and uv protection

Less wasted glass to land fill

Job creation for local glaziers

General awareness about Mclam Safety Glass

A Win for Kids, a Win for the Environment and a Win for Job creation

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“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today...”

Malcolm X

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Glass4Kids providing safety glass FOR FREE to schools.

No Catch.

Support Glass4Kids - the glass industry giving back.

Requirements for submission:

  1. Completion of Application form (this can be downloaded from the top right hand side of the page)

18 Jurie St
Alberton, 1451
South Africa

011 864 1313

Thanks for submitting!

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